Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Market trending

Another article about the trending demographics and the desire for community. Walkable Mixed Use. Check out the Harvard Study as well. http://www.builderonline.com/demographics/survey-illuminates-single-buyer-preferences.aspx?cid=NWBD101123002
We'll be introducing our new Evolution "Kit" houses in December. Very excited about this concept that we've been working on for 5 years now. Plug in room components can be arranged in any multitude of way giving the power of design back to those whom will live within. Our hope is to provide very positive tool for exactly the markets mentioned in this article as well as others. One we are specifically gearing up for and believe will be the new "normal" is the 3 generation household, if not 4. It's a new world out there folks, and in many ways, we believe, better. More to come

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  1. 3 generation household—agggghhhh!we've participated in the "boom-a-rang" children routine and have decided it's great to have them visit. could you could design something where the guest room walls slowly contract like in the old sci-fi movies? seriously, the new "normal" is becoming the new "reality" and we do need to revisit some lessons from past generations and understand why intergenerational living is so beneficial for all of us.