Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Professional Builder Article "Green"

5 Modern Green Homes
The latest of the Professional Builder Magazine article series. Interesting diversity on what constitutes Green...sort of.  As usual, our goal was to stir the pot a bit, and get beyond the techno side of Green. Below is our un-edited essay

The Many Shades of Green
What really constitutes green building?  There is much debate.  Is it the bubble theory - complete isolation from the environment to maximize the efficiency of mechanical life support?  The gizmo theory -  utilizing the latest technologies, systems and equipment?  The alternative energy theory - solar, wind, geo-thermal & renewable resources.  Or the passive theory - tent dwelling?   All have their value and advantages.  We at Moser Design Group endeavor to include aspects of all.  Principle, however, is incorporating traditional building methods which sustained buildings for hundreds of years.  Methods include:  Designing smaller, more flexible buildings. Designing for maximum passive performance.  Utilizing fewer, better materials and configurations, that won’t compromise when naturally ventilating while maintaining an effective envelope for mechanical efficiency.  Incorporating proven new technologies. Our example this month is our Petite Cottage, TNH-PC-15.  
Our litmus test for true green is how buildings live green.  Do they service the occupants? Do they service the community?  Do they service the Earth?  Every building project has a responsibility to reduce energy consumption for the short and long term.  Opportunities include:  Building for centuries of service, not decades, design for climate appropriateness so HVAC can be turned off for 3 months/year minimum.  providing food production, processing and composting on site, recycling,  building life sustaining systems on site or building in close enough proximity to daily needs to decrease car miles enough to eliminate one vehicle.  The example included illustrates an infill cottage court organized around food production gardens, poultry and orchards.  

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Expandable Designs: PB Article Series

The American household is changing. In fact, 2005 marked the first year since 1940 that household size actually grew.  Studies suggest this is principally a result of multi-generational households.  After reaching a low of 12% in 1980, households of three generations or more have grown to 16%, or 49 million!    Conversely, single person households have also grown from roughly 1% to 10% over the last several decades.  Whether driven by necessity or desire;  the market segments of aging in place retirees, boomerang children, and non-traditional families are growing.  
Dwelling alternatives that include the adaptability, flexibility and expandability required by this market may be an important new market consideration.  One such alternative is our Evolution Cottage series, consisting of 3 different modules with varying living, sleeping and service spaces.  By simply aligning the openings, an infinite number of designs can be crafted to meet specific living, budget and contextual requirements. Once  the plan is set, porches, details and elevations are developed for the appropriate architecture, climate and context of the site. This flexible of the system allows designing for the future, but building for today keeping costs low while assuring that future needs can be easily met.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Narrow Lot Solutions PB Magazine Series

Professional Builder Magazine Article Series

last year Professional Builder Magazine asked Moser Design Group to participate in a monthly "Design Trend" article series. During the course of the year we have contributed on a variety of topics including narrow lot solutions, design flexibility, and infill. Per the magazine format, each article contains a brief, and one of our designs illustrating the ideas presented. Our hope was to offer ideas and principles extending beyond the building object itself; rather to what we build, where we build, how we build, and why. In hopes of continuing that dialogue, I will be posting the articles on our blog. Please chime in!

The first of the series is Narrow Lot Solutions.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


We've just released 2 new Petite Cottages! 2 bedrooms and 2 baths with huge flexibility and expansion options under 1,000 sq. ft. Do these hit the market sweet spot? Would love to hear our friends comments. Thanks!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Market trending

Another article about the trending demographics and the desire for community. Walkable Mixed Use. Check out the Harvard Study as well.
We'll be introducing our new Evolution "Kit" houses in December. Very excited about this concept that we've been working on for 5 years now. Plug in room components can be arranged in any multitude of way giving the power of design back to those whom will live within. Our hope is to provide very positive tool for exactly the markets mentioned in this article as well as others. One we are specifically gearing up for and believe will be the new "normal" is the 3 generation household, if not 4. It's a new world out there folks, and in many ways, we believe, better. More to come